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Promoting Cycling In Howard County

Do you remember your first bike? I do! It was a red secondhand bike that was a surprise waiting for me in the kitchen on my 10th birthday. Before that, I always rode my brothers’ bikes. As one of six children, biking was a part of our daily existence. Biking or walking was our primary means of transportation to our friend’s houses, to after-school activities and to our jobs. The County has grown tremendously since those days, and biking is making a comeback thanks to investments in trails and pathways, bike racks on buses and other initiatives guided by the creation of a Bike Master Plan.

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Stewardship of our Resources

Today I released my vision for becoming better stewards of our natural resources. Under my administration, Howard County would reduce landfill waste, boost water and land protection, and promote energy efficiency and agricultural land protection, solidifying the county’s sustainability leadership in Maryland.

My sustainability platform sets ambitious but realistic goals for the next generation of achievements in Howard County.

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Building on the successes of our public safety program

Today, I introduced my vision for public safety in Howard County. The comprehensive program provides resources and flexibility to respond to emerging challenges, while leveraging technology to bolster community protection and improve efficiency of first responders.

I believe that the backbone of our quality in life in Howard County is public safety. The progress we have made in the past eight years is admirable. Howard County’s public safety system received national recognition for its performance during times of crisis. Now is the time to reassess and refocus for the future.

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Common Sense Gun Laws DO Matter in Howard County

This week, I released a new television ad that highlights my opponent’s dismal record on common sense gun legislation.

I believe it is important to the voters of Howard County to know where candidates stand on important issues and although my opponent has tried to distance himself from his record, we are holding him accountable to his own words, “Live on your record, be accountable on your record.” My opponent has earned an “A” rating from the NRA for his consistent votes against common sense gun measures.  I attach just a few of those votes at the bottom of this post for your review.

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Open and Transparent Government

Since my election to the County Council in 2006, I have introduced or supported more than 30 pieces of legislation designed to help create a more open and transparent government. Ensuring that citizens have open access to information to protect and promote their meaningful participation in the governing process is a core belief that has informed my past actions on the County Council and informs my future vision for government.

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Win for Watson

Earlier today, October 14th, there was a Howard County Executive candidates debate between Courtney Watson and Allan Kittleman at the Miller Library in Ellicott City. The debate was sponsored by the Baltimore Sun Media Group.

Numerous topics were discussed, all of them relevant. The plan was to write a summary of the answers each provided, but after watching the debate, it was clear that only one of the candidates answered all of the questions with details of the specific actions that they would take as County Executive or have succeeded in taking in their current role.

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Watson Better for Environment

Letter to the editor

As a citizen who has been very involved in environmental and land use issues, I was excited to read the environmental platform that Courtney Watson released last week ("In new platform rollouts, Kittleman shares vision for seniors, Watson lays out plan for the environment," Oct. 7). Her ideas are specific, comprehensive and feasible.

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Executive, council candidates focus on historic district in Ellicott City forum

Parking and flood mitigation in old Ellicott City were the hot topics Thursday night at a historic district-centric candidate forum hosted by the Ellicott City Partnership.

The partnership, previously known as the Ellicott City Historic District Partnership -- a name that proved to be too much of a mouthful and was shortened -- is focused on revitalizing the old town. Perhaps as a reminder of Ellicott City's rich history, the groups held its forum in the Howard County Historical Society's museum on Court Avenue. 

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Reviewing Two Resumes

For the sake of today’s entry, let us re-conceptualize the campaign season as an extended job interview process.  Albeit one with slightly more hand shaking, parade marching and door knocking compared to the amount of each undertaken by your average applicant for a corporate gig.

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Howard politicians rally in support of gun control measures

Rally falls on Firearms Safety Act's first anniversary

Howard politicians joined gun control advocacy group Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence for a rally at the Columbia lakefront Wednesday to mark the one-year anniversary since the the Firearms Safety Act was implemented.

The act made Maryland one of only six states to require gun purchasers to be fingerprinted by state police.

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